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What is a Transmission System?

The transmission system is a mechanical system that controls the flow of power from the engine to the driveshaft. The vehicle may experience major issues if the transmission system is not well maintained or if systems of a problem are not checked by a professional dealership such as our dealership. Transmissions are usually expensive. Therefore, people should pay close attention to any unusual activity in the vehicle's transmission. Replacing the transmission system could cost thousands of dollars. People usually ignore the importance of transmission maintenance. In addition, vehicle manufacturers have not helped this course as they manufacture vehicles that come with sealed transmissions, which make it even more difficult to maintain the transmission fluid. It is vital for people to adhere to the recommended transmission repair and maintenance procedures and schedules to prevent the transmission systems from having problems and extend its lifespan. Following the tips below could help in reducing the number of transmission repair deeded for not only your Toyota vehicle but also other models.

When Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

Regardless of the type of transmission you have in your vehicle, the transmission fluid breaks down over time. Heat is the main factor that destroys transmissions. The duration after which the transmission fluid should be changed depends on the type of transmission of the vehicle, the type of vehicle, how the vehicle is driven, and how much the vehicle is driven. The first step in knowing when to change the transmission fluid should be to check the owner's manual. The owner's manual may indicate when the transmission fluid should be changed. However, when to change the transmission fluid varies from one vehicle to another.

A rough estimate of when to change the transmission fluid for automatic transmission is after every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Ideally, the transmission fluid should be changed after every 30,000 miles for an automatic transmission. In manual transmission, the transmission fluid should be changed after every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. However, under intense use, the automatic fluid should be changed after every 20,000 miles. The reason as to why automatic and manual transmissions have durations is because the transmissions use different fluids.

Another method of determining when to change the transmission fluid is to inspect the transmission fluid using the dipstick of the vehicle. A special procedure may be used to check the transmission fluid if the vehicle does not have a dipstick. The procedure is dependent on the model of the vehicle. It can be shown by reading the owner's manual or visiting a professional dealership such as our dealership. The color of the transmission fluid will show you whether it should be changed or not. Normal transmission fluid should be red. However, it becomes darker as is deteriorates.

Does Changing the Transmission Fluid Damage the Transmission System?

Changing the transmission fluid cannot damage the transmission system. The simple reason is that if the transmission system is damaged, the transmission fluid does not affect it. It would remain as damaged. On the other hand, a good transmission system will not be affected by a change in the transmission fluid.

What Transmission Problems Should I Watch For?

AC Toyota RepairLeaking is one of the transmission fluid, grinding or buzzing noise, and lack of response are some of the transmission problems that one should watch for. It is vital to check the level of the transmission fluid regularly. A low level implies that there is leak somewhere. Low level of transmission fluid may lead to irreparable damage on the transmission system. A vehicle that has strange a grinding or brushing noise when in idle gear indicates that the vehicle has torque converter trouble, which can lead to significant damage to the transmission system. Failure of a vehicle to respond when placed into gear or when changing gears also indicates that it has transmission problems. Contact us at Toyota of Dallas to schedule a service appointment.


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