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How Often Should I Service My Toyota RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the sleekest family SUVs in America, with a personality suited for leisure or adventure. No wonder most buyers are adamant about keeping up with Toyota RAV4 service intervals. These regularly scheduled services keep components of your RAV4 vital. You'll want to examine your trim's official service manual for full details on the Toyota RAV4 maintenance schedule for your specific trim, but this brief list is a good place to start.

15,000-Mile Service

After 15,000 miles, the RAV4 will likely need to have both visual inspections and some new fluids. For example, an oil and filter change is a good idea around this time, though some trims won't need an oil change for longer. Tire rotations are good here, too, to keep your tires from wearing unevenly and then wearing out too soon. An excellent certified mechanic will also test drive your RAV4 at this stage to try to spot any early problems.

30,000-Mile Service

Fluids for your RAV4 are just like fluids for you. They keep your RAV4 feeling strong and healthy. Around this time, brake fluid and engine coolant often need to be replaced. Coolant is critical to your engine and keeps it from running too hot. Forgetting a coolant replacement can be deadly for your engine over time.

60,000-Mile Service

Here in the 60,000-mile range, your RAV4 is likely to need some adjustments. Valves and time belts are the two components most likely to need adjustment at this stage. You might want to grab a new set of tires as well to keep your RAV4 lively. Depending on your trim, you might also need differential fluid replenishment.

90,000-Mile Service

Ninety thousand miles is a time when your RAV4 needs to follow its service schedule very closely. This is because you're fast approaching 100,000 miles and want to be prepared for it. If you haven't already replaced your tires and brake pads, now is a great time to do it. Spark plugs and shock absorbers often need replacing here, too. Hoses have also been working overtime by now, so it's wise to check them for cracks or corrosion.

For an exact look at your RAV4 maintenance schedule, please read your owner's manual. You'll find everything you need to know there. You can also contact our Toyota professionals to schedule service or learn more about these vital checks on your RAV4.


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