Car owners within the Dallas area choose Toyota Express Maintenance for immediate car service. From oil changes and tire rotation to fluid inspection and brake inspection, there are a variety of factory-scheduled maintenance services or minor repairs that can be handled through Toyota Express Maintenance. Offered at Toyota of Dallas, bring your vehicle down to our dealership today for quick repairs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.Carried out by certified, Toyota-trained service technicians, Toyota Express Maintenance is performed using a "pit crew" approach. Our repair experts work as a team to ensure your vehicle is properly serviced in a timely manner, allowing you to get on with your day.

Toyota Express Maintenance Services

Oil & Filter Change

Oil is vital to your engine's health, and without it, your Toyota vehicle would not be able to run properly. To ensure your oil continues to work as intended, you must follow your recommended maintenance schedule and have it replaced on occasion. Through our Toyota Express Maintenance Service, we will drain and refill your oil and replace your filter with a Genuine Toyota filter. We also recommend that you use synthetic oil, as it improves fuel efficiency, reduces engine friction, protects the engine and provides faster oil flow to engine parts. Additionally, our team will reset your maintenance indicator light during time of service.

Brake Inspection

Routine brake maintenance is required to ensure your car, truck or SUV remains safe for travel. At our service center in Dallas, our technicians will complete a Multipoint Inspection and check your brake pads to determine if they need to be replaced. If necessary, we can fulfill the service and get you on your way in no time.

Tire Rotation

Toyota recommends rotating your tires every 5,000 miles to prevent uneven tread wear and preserve the life of your tires. In an effort to protect yourself from tire damage, it's also imperative that you outfit your Toyota with the right tires for your vehicle and make sure they are properly inflated. Fuel efficiency, handling and overall performance are impacted by tire health.

Fluid Inspection & Replacement

Replacing your car's fluids is vital to its overall health. At Toyota of Dallas, we'll check and refill your coolant, brake, power steering, transmission and windshield wiper fluid when performing a Multipoint Inspection.

Contact us at Toyota of Dallas today for further inquiries regarding Toyota Express Maintenance. You can also schedule an appointment with our service department online.

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