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If you’ve ever found yourself on the side of the road with an overheating engine, Toyota Dallas wants to make sure that you know we’re here for you. Our service department has very convenient business hours that you can utilize to get your vehicle back on the road when temperatures under the hood aren’t what they should be. If we have your car scheduled, we’ll check out some of the following common issues when it comes to an overheating engine.

Cooling System Concerns

The problem is likely linked to the overall function and quality of your cooling system. While it may not be immediately apparent what is going on, we can start at the top of our list and work our way down when it comes to things like radiator troubles and broken hoses leaking coolant.

Water Pump Damage

Broken gaskets are often the cause of an overheating engine because this is an important part that functions to keep your coolant and fluids where they need to be. If gaskets break down, they can leak important fluid out. We’ve also seen corrosion and mineral deposits that hamper the water pump’s ability to do its job.

Radiator Repair Needs

The radiator in your engine is designed to radiate any heat produced as your vehicle is in motion. You don’t want to have this heat build-up over time, or this is where damage occurs. We look closely for issues with coolant, fan malfunctions, or severed hoses.

How Your Thermostat Functions as a Whole Unit

Internal issues with your thermostat are common because there is a tiny valve inside this unit known for having problems. If this valve doesn’t fully open or is open too frequently, this affects the coolant amount that is coming in and out of your cooling system. Of course, this will affect the temperature.

Let us here at Toyota of Dallas know if you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle when it comes to temperature control. We don’t advise that you put this issue off for long. It’s best that you pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance as quickly as possible to prevent damage from taking place.


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