Dare to Dream Childrens Foundation  

The mission of Dare to Dream is "Helping Youth to a Positive Future." Compassionate volunteers share their experiences about how they were able to become successful role models in spite of their difficult childhood experiences. The inspiration behind this organization is perhaps the biggest reason for its success. Jan Tennyson, the founder of Dare to Dream, was a foster child herself growing up in New York City. She knows firsthand the obstacles and sadness that foster children have endured because she has experienced those things herself. Now, she uses her story to inspire other kids to greatness and let them know that people care.

Mission for Dare to Dream

Based in Dallas, Dare to Dream reaches out to those kids who need it the very most. Even if they've fallen on a path of delinquency and are struggling in school, Dare to Dream has outreach classes and career development classes that reach out to each of these kids.

Since 1987, Dare to Dream has been collaborating with group homes, shelters, detention centers and orphanages impacting the lives of troubled youth nationally and internationally.

Learn More

Learn more about this amazing story in Jan Tennyson's autobiography, She Dares to Dream, available at daretodream-dallas.org.