Wireless Charging

Finding a new car can be an incredibly fun experience. If you love shopping, exploring new vehicles, and taking fantastic cars for test drives, the process of locating your next vehicle can be quite an adventure. As you search for the perfect car, however, you might have one question: does this car offer wireless charging?

If you've been searching for a vehicle that offers wireless charging, you're in luck. The new Toyota Avalon offers an assortment of tech-savvy features designed to help you stay in control and in charge even while you're traveling. If you're running an errand or on your way to a business meeting and notice that your phone battery is getting low, you don't have to stress. The Toyota Avalon has a wireless charging station with everything you need.

Simply place your Qi-compatible mobile device on the charging station. It'll instantly start recharging your battery, so you never have to be without a phone. The Toyota Avalon is designed to keep you going where you want to go, so don't worry about running low on your battery with this vehicle.

If your device isn't Qi-compatible or you have multiple phones you need to charge, don't stress. There are USB ports throughout the vehicle for easy plug-in charging on-the-go, as well. The Toyota Avalon is designed to make sure you're always connected in the ways you want to be and that you can always reach out when you need it.

This vehicle also offers an assortment of other digital perks, including a 7-inch multi-information display that lets you know how your car is functioning, what the temperature is outside, and how much gas you have. This display also keeps your monitor and alert system running, including offering a rear cross traffic alert.

With the Toyota Avalon, you'll get everything you need to stay charged, connected, and informed. Whether you're running to the grocery store or taking a lengthy road trip, you'll be able to stay connected the entire time.

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