Auto Stop Start

Toyota recently introduced a drivetrain technology was a first for Toyota in North America–the Stop and Start Engine system. This technology automatically stops and restarts the engine whenever the vehicle is stopped, whether at a stoplight, stop sign, in heavy traffic, or similar situation. The system puts the vehicle into a standby state until it is required to move again.

Using Start and Stop Engine

In the right conditions, the vehicle shuts down the engine when it reaches 0 mph and as the brake is depressed. An icon on the information panel illuminates when the engine shuts off. As the driver releases brake pressure, the engine then smoothly restarts. This system benefits your vehicle’s fuel economy, the environment, and your personal comfort. It will increase your fuel economy up to 1 mile per gallon in the city which over time will save you a considerable amount at the gas pump. Because the engine shuts off when you stop, there are also no emissions and unwanted noises or vibrations coming from your vehicle, making your cabin more peaceful.

Since Start and Stop is active by default, some drivers prefer to turn off the system in certain situations, such as towing a trailer, when the A/C needs to remain at peak performance, or if the windows fog up. The process is simple. To turn it off, press the assigned button to the left of the steering wheel. An indicator icon will appear to confirm the system is off. You can reactivate the system by pressing the same button again, and it will restart the engine even if it is off. You can also shut off the vehicle entirely and then restart it to reactivate Start and Stop.

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