5 Fun Facts About Toyota Electric Vehicles

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Cars are going electric as concern grows over the environmental impact of gasoline-fueled cars. The latest battery-powered vehicles are becoming a popular consumer item. However, the general public still knows so little about them. Here is a list of 5 fun facts about Toyota's electric vehicles to get you pumped about the future of cars.

1. They operate on 100% electricity

Most commercial brands of electric vehicles began as hybrids. This meant that they could operate on electric power, but they still had a gasoline engine to use when electric wasn't enough. Now that innovative technology has advanced, Toyota is creating its first electric-only vehicles. These produce absolutely no gas emissions. Their power comes from a battery in the car.

2. The battery engine is more compact than ever

Toyota's latest eco-friendly vehicles are more spacious than they have ever been. This is because the battery engine is finally compact enough to fit snugly inside of the vehicle without taking up too much room. For those who don't need so much room, Toyota has also designed an ultra compact vehicle perfect for busy urban streets. These vehicles are made for just the driver. They only take up a quarter of a standard parking space.

3. The cars are silent

Without a combustion engine, Toyota's electric cars are quieter than any vehicle out there. Think of how much more relaxing the roads would be if all you heard were the sounds beyond the road. In the past, most hybrid and electric vehicles emitted a loud hissing noise. This has since been eliminated. Now the only sound you'll hear while driving is the music you choose to play through your speakers.

4. Toyota will have 10 all-electric motor vehicles in operation by 2020

Toyota has reportedly invested billions of dollars for it's next effort to create 100% electric models. All of them will run on battery power. This will include SUV models, minivans, and other larger vehicles. The company is currently in the works with Panasonic on developing reliable lithium ion batteries that could operate the vehicles.

5. Strides are being made to get them going farther

The current puzzle for electric car makers is the distance. Although the models are promising, these cars are still not able to go the same long distances that gasoline engine cars can go. Toyota's most recent electric vehicle, Concept-i, is their best bet yet. It can travel up to 186 miles before it needs a charge.

For more on the topic of electric vehicles, feel free to call us at Toyota of Dallas. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about the future of Toyota.

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